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VW has launched prototypes of hydrogen-powered cars; full production is at least a decade away. What do the cars emit in place of carbon dioxide? Clean, simple water. Water you can even drink. To learn more, check out this segment on the CBS Early Show.

The H2OPE Biofuels Solution

Since its launch in 2008, biotech innovator H2OPE Biofuels has been working on a solution to the world's energy crisis. Through its patented genetic-engineering technology, the company is isolating strains of algae that could one day become an emission-free source of hydrogen, and hence power, for the planet and its people.

Looking far into the future, such hydrogen could one day turn on a lightbulb, fuel an automobile and even ignite the power grid of an entire city. Hydrogen-generating algae could make it possible to create the commercial-scale production of energy that is not only green - but also significantly less expensive than current methods of power-production.

H2OPE Biofuels' energy solution is not just about dreams in the far future. It is a technology that is available today, and with further refinement could be market-ready within one year.

Here is how:

Today, hydrogen is used in industrial and chemical operations to do such things as manufacture gasoline, metals and fertilizer. The primary way hydrogen is made is through the steam reformation of coal or natural gas - a highly complex and energy-intensive process that releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The merchant hydrogen market is a $2 billion to $5 billion market in the United States and a $150 billion market worldwide; it is dominated by four companies, creating a virtual monopoly.

With H2OPE Biofuels' patented technology, it is possible to bust through this monopoly and offer commercial-scale hydrogen-users a cheaper and cleaner source of hydrogen. Biohydrogen is made from algae and water (not coal or natural gas), using simple biological processes. No emissions or carbon dioxide are created in the process.

Biohydrogen developed by H2OPE Biofuels offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the hydrogen industry to reduce its carbon impact, while reducing capital and operating expenditures at the same time.

In fact, our technology is so promising, a world leader in industrial-scale hydrogen production, Air Liquide has specifically expressed interest in replacing its conventional hydrogen production technology with bioreactors containing our modified algae. We estimate that they can reduce their operational expenses (OpEx) by more than 50% compared to their current fossil fuel-based method.

To bring our research to the final stages of market readiness, H2OPE Biofuels is seeking an outside capital investment of $500,000.



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