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Microalgae have much faster growth-rates than terrestrial crops. The per unit area yield of oil from algae is estimated to be from between 5,000 to 20,000 gallons per acre, per year (4.6 to 18.4 l/m2 per year); this is 7 to 30 times greater than the next best crop, Chinese tallow (699 gallons).

As well, algae can also grow on marginal lands, such as in desert areas where the groundwater is saline.

Information for Potential Investors

Project Overview: H2OPE Biofuels will create emission-free hydrogen production for commercial and industrial users. Our technology allows for commercial-scale production with significant reductions in capital and operating expenditures. Biofuels from algae have not been largely successful in the past, but we use breakthrough genetic- engineering technology to isolate algal hydrogenases with increased production and increased tolerance to oxygen. We will expand on our patented library of hydrogenase mutants and algal research in order to create a diverse library of algal mutants. We plan to provide an opportunity for follow-on financing from major industrial companies in order to construct production facilities to serve merchant or on-site hydrogen customers.

Market Size: Merchant hydrogen is a $2 billion to $5 billion market in the United States and a $150 billion market worldwide. Hydrogen is used in industrial and chemical operations; the primary production method is steam reformation of coal or natural gas, a highly complex and energy-intensive process that releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. Production is dominated by four companies, creating a virtual monopoly. H2OPE Biofuels' technology will allow for the creation of hydrogen from water via inherently simple biological processes, creating no emissions, sequestering carbon dioxide, and reducing capital and operating expenditures. Given the current climate on environmental sustainability, H2OPE Biofuels creates unique opportunities for emitters to reduce their carbon impact.

Competitive Landscape: The merchant hydrogen market is dominated by four players, one or more of who will become our customers and/or co-development partners. Air Liquide has indicated interest in pursuing licensing negotiations to market our technology to small end-users.

H2OPE Biofuels has patented technology and will further refine and develop new intellectual property to act as a further barrier to entry.

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