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The ocean has absorbed a large fraction of the carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere, slowing the rate of global warming. But the extra carbon dioxide is impacting the ocean. The pH of surface seawater has decreased by 0.1 units since 1750, and is projected to drop another 0.5 units by 2100. ( National Wildlife Federation)

Company Overview

H2OPE Biofuels, llc is an early-stage bio-hydrogen company located in Medford, OR. The company is focused on the commercial production of molecular hydrogen from light, water, and photosynthetic algae, using patented intellectual property to modify algal DNA.

H2OPE Biofuels plans to use or license its technology to enter the multibillion dollar market for hydrogen in the near term, while positioning itself as the technology leader for a future hydrogen-based economy.

Company History: Founded in fall 2008, based on eight years of academic research.

Industry/Sector: Industrial gas, Biofuels, Biotechnology

Target Market: Merchant hydrogen, Chemical manufacturers, Oil and gas producers, Industrial processes.

Competitive Advantage: The production of hydrogen through steam reformation involves significant costs in capital expenditures and feedstock. Cost comparisons are as depicted in the table above. Since algae are both cheap and easily producible, H2OPE Biofuels' technology will allow major cost savings due to the significant reduction in feedstock costs.

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