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According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, the burning of fossil fuels costs the United States about $120 billion a year in health costs alone, largely due to air pollution. Those pollutants include small soot particles, which cause lung damage; nitrogen oxides, which contribute to smog; and sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain. Nearly 20,000 people die prematurely each year from such causes, according to the study's authors, who valued each life at $6 million based on the dollar in 2000.

Existing Research Partners

1) Air Liquide, a world leader in industrial-scale hydrogen production, has specifically expressed interest in replacing conventional hydrogen production technology with bioreactors containing our modified algae. Our algae has the potential to reduce operational expenses (OpEx) by more than 50% compared to Air Liquide's, current fossil fuel-based method.

Air Liquide

2) MPr&d, LLC is a consulting company with 47 years of experience in computational chemistry. Their consultants provide mathematical predictions guiding the creation and testing of new chimeric hydrogenase mutants with increased hydrogen production.

MPr&d, LLC

We believe that it takes many companies with diverse skill sets to build new and exciting opportunities.

If you are interested in what we offer, and bring your own unique set of capabilites to the table, we'd love to hear from you.



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