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Compared with second generation biofuels, algae are high-yield high-cost (30 times more energy per acre than terrestrial crops) feedstocks to produce biofuels. Since the whole organism uses sunlight to produce lipids, or oil, algae can produce more oil in an area the size of a two-car garage than an entire football field of soybeans.

Executive Team

Rich Chapas, Ph.D.
Principal, Chapas & Associates
CEO Pro Tem & Advisory Team Chair

Photo of Richard Chapas Dr. Chapas is the Chair of the Advisory Team of H2OPE Biofuels, Inc. Dr. Chapas is responsible for coordinating the marketing, technical, and business initiatives for the company. He has over twenty-five years of experience in bringing new technologies to commercialization with comapnies, such as, Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson. His experience with managing national labs for Batelle, the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and early stage startups provides the necessary contacts and perspective to lead H2OPE.

Dr. Chapas obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from St. Vincent College and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Illinois.

Scott M. Plummer, Ph.D.
CTO and Founder

Photo of Dr. Scott M. Plummer, Ph.D. Dr. Plummer is currently the CTO and Founder of H2OPE Biofuels, llc, a molecular hydrogen bioenvironmental startup committed to a renewable and pollution-free solution for the energy needs of the world.

Dr. Plummer received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Molecular Biology and Environmental Chemistry from Colorado School of Mines (CSM) in Golden, Colorado as well as two Master of Science degrees in Applied Chemistry and Biological Engineering from CSM and Cornell University, respectively. His Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Chemistry is also from CSM. Dr. Plummer has also obtained undergraduate and graduate experience in math, pre-medicine, astrophysics, cell biology, and biochemistry from Case Western Reserve University, the University of Colorado, and CSM.

F.C. Thomas Allnutt, Ph.D.
Advisory Team

Dr. Allnutt is a member of our Advisory Board. Prior to joining Phycal in 2008, he was a program director and biotechnology cluster leader in the SBIR/STTR Program at the National Science Foundation. In addition to this governmental experience, Dr. Allnutt spent over 21 years in the algal biotech/biofuels small business community. He was an early employee of Martek Biosciences Corp., where he was a research director for more than 12 years. Also, he was vice president of research and development at ABN Corp. Dr. Allnutt's area of expertise is algal biotechnology, but he has acquired broad knowledge in related areas and the business of science as he commercialized algal products in a variety of fields.

Dr. Allnutt received degrees in biology and microbiology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and his PhD degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mark A. Plummer, Ph.D.
Manager and Founder
MPr&d, LLC,

Dr. Mark Plummer is currently the Manager of MPr&d, LLC a company in the business of contract research and development assistance to universities and industry. His primary expertise is in computational chemistry evaluations to aid in the development of chemical processes. Prior to MPr&d, Dr. Plummer was a Senior Technical Consultant with Marathon Oil Company where he was responsible for the laboratory and pilot plant development of the petrochemical and desalinization processes. One desalinization is now processing over 6 million barrels per day of seawater world-wide.

Dr. Mark Plummer obtained his Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He has over 30 publications and presentations and over 30 U.S. patents. Dr. Plummer was the recipient of the Hart E&P 2003 Award for Engineering Innovation. Also, Dr. Plummer was a 1997 National Medal of Technology nominee.

Mark Reinhardt, J.D.
Reinhardt and Associates, LLC.

Mark Reinhardt has many years of experience doing legal work for successful high-tech companies. After receiving degrees in engineering and applied science from Duke and Harvard, and his law degree from the University of Chicago, Mark has served as legal counsel to Laser Magnetic Storage International Company (optical and magnetic storage devices), Philips Electronics (automotive electronics), Tanning Technology Corporation (IT consulting) and J.D. Edwards (enterprise software). More recently, he has had his own legal practice, Reinhardt & Associates, LLC, representing a variety of businesses, from small Internet start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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